Breeze Admin CMS has Build in security to prevent malicious acts giving your site additional security.


Our new Resposive UI Design allows for clean responsive system that changes with your device.


Our UI Design even allowes for mobile use giving you more places to manage your site from.
Breeze Admin CMS

Breeze Admin is a CMS Like no other, it gives you total access and total control over your site no resrictions. Breeze Admin has many website mangement tools and features making website management a breeze, this its cross platform and cross browser compatability allowes you to have the same view in any device on any browser, its reacts to your device allowing a smooth look and clean cut UI.

Our CMS is designed using the new W3C Compliance methods HTML5 and CSS3, which allows it to use features like device support and smoother cleaner designs, thus making the UI more user friendly.

Once installed any user can manage a site the way they want with no need to learn code either, we have the best WYSIWYG Editor intergrated into our system allowing you to have an editor that has a MS Word feel about it making creating and editing pages a breeze.