Breeze Admin Support

Breeze Admin requires validation serials for this software to work to its full potential. Any version of this software with invalid credentials will render the system to a restrictive version where the systems features will be disabled and will require valid credentials to work properly.

TSL Designs provides Support for all registered and valid copies of breeze admin, as Breeze Admin is a side project to TSL designs the only support we offer is email support.

If you have and issues, queries or requests for Breeze Admin you can email us @


I have changed my URL and its blocking access.

This is due to breeze admin registers the activating URL as the owner. in this event please contact us and we can transfer your registered URL to your new one.

How do i update it?

When an update is available your system will notify you in the update tab on the dashboard with a link to direct you to the update, also a link to the System Console for updating and configuration.

Where do i find my credentials?

Credentials are provided by TSL Designs and can be found in the system information tab on the dashboard.