Built with all websites in mind, this edition brings you the core of Breeze Admin CMS allowing you total control over your website. Manage your pages, view your messages, control how your site responds to your visitors.

For the user that wants to advertise his or her stock on the internet or even sell your stock with a PayPal Payment Gateway you can sell track and manage your sales all from one place. This edition can be configured to run as a product list or ecommerce site, allowing you to start small and expand your site with your business.

Whats Inside?

Inside the Standard Edition are the following reatures;

  • Includes Standard Edition Features
    All the features inside the Standard Edition are still available to this edition.
  • Category Managemant
    Manage your store categories with ease allowing you to efficently place your products in your site.
  • Product Managemant
    Manage your store products and mange your stock, price and everyother detail that you want to display to your customers.
  • Store Settings
    Control your stores layout and make your site look the way you want it.
  • Store Configuration
    Configure your store to the way you like it and link it into PayPal for the easy and secure collection of money.
  • Store Cart API
    With the added built in Store Cart API it makes selling products safer and more efficient for your users.

Versions Available