Built with all websites in mind, this edition brings you the core of Breeze Admin CMS allowing you total control over your website. Manage your pages, view your messages, control how your site responds to your visitors.

Whats Inside?

Inside the Standard Edition are the following reatures;

  • UAC (User Account Control)
    Have full control over site users and manage there accounts and access rights.
  • File Manager
    Manage your site images with our cutting edge File Browser, making image mangement a breeze.
  • Page Manager
    Take control over your pages with and intergrated Text Editor that gives you the same feel and Word, making page editing and creating a breeze.
  • Module Manager
    Breeze Admin comes with Add-ons or Modules that allow you to serve more content to your site with a range of modules available and easy to install.
  • Mailbox
    Breeze Admin comes with a built in mailbox allowing you to view the messages send to your site for you, with options available to forward mail onto an email of your choice.
  • Custom Site Search
    With a built in site search system allows your users to search your site for the content that they want.
  • Customise Site Design and Files
    Take control over your site layout and connected files like CSS and JS with a ubild in File Editor you can edit and change your site layout and styles, giving you full control over your site design.
  • Global Tag Control
    Take control over your sites Global Metatags and set what get placed on every page of your site..

Versions Available